Christmas Events in Nadur







Sunday 1st – Sunday 8th December

Wirja ta’ Pasturi

An exhibition of cribs, Christmas figurines, statuettes & antique statues of Baby Jesus.

Blended Art Gallery Studio, 58 Xandriku str. Nadur.

Weekdays and Weekends from 9.00hrs till Noon and 15.00hrs till 19.00hrs.

Sunday 8th December

A Christmas open-air market

An open-air market featuring Christmas gifts, including Christmas decorations, sweets, hampers, nativity scenes, clothing, etc. Organised by the Nadur Local Council.

St. Peter and St. Paul Square, Nadur from 8.00hrs onwards.


Sunday 15th – 23rd December

Christmas Novena

With the partecipation of the Nadur Community.

St. Peter and St. Paul Basilica.

Sundays at 9.30hrs and Weekdays at 17.00hrs.

Sunday 15th December – 5th January 2014

Festo Christi Natalicio

An exhibition of sacred art organized by Għaqda Ħbieb tal-Presepju fin-Nadur.

Joe Tabone Hall, Nadur Local Council, North Street, Nadur.

Weekdays and Weekends from 8.00hrs till Noon and 18.00hrs till 20.00hrs.

Sunday 15th December – 5th January 2014

Crib Exhibitions A tradition from the past.

Opening for viewing to the public a number of Crib Exhibitions in various family homes and Clubs in Nadur.


Saturday 21st December and Wednesday 1st January 2014

Milied fil-Miżien

A Christmas Musical by the Museum Male Section of Nadur.

Saturday 21st December – MBC Theatre, December 13 th, Nadur at 19.30hrs.

Wednesday 1st January – Oratorju Don Bosco, Victoria at 19.30hrs.


Sunday 22nd December

A Christmas Special Event

Entertainment by Big Friends Guggen Musik and photos with Santa.

St. Peter and St. Paul Square and Main streets of Nadur from 14.30hrs onwards.


Sunday 22nd December – 5th January 2014

In Praesepio – ‘Fil-Maxtura’ Presepju Ħaj

A live version of the Christmas Crib organised by the Għaqda Ħbieb tal-Presepju fin-Nadur.

Dar Dun Franġisk Grima, 37 Racecourse street, Nadur.

Weekends Only: Saturdays from 17.30hrs till 20.00hrs.

                                  Sunday from 15.00hrs till 20.00hrs.


Tuesday 24th December

Traditional Christmas Procession

Procession with the statue of Baby Jesus and biblical figures through the Main streets of Nadur. 19.00 hrs onwards.

Midnight Mass

Carol Singing at 23.30hrs followed by the Traditional Christmas Mass at St. Peter and St. Paul Basilica, Nadur.


Wednesday 25th December

Annual Christmas Concert

A Musical Concert by the MUSEUM Choirs conducted by Antoine Theuma

St. Peter and St. Paul Basilica, Nadur at 19.00hrs.


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